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Here's a great exercise for new DJs. This article gives a step by step tutorial on how to begin beat matching.
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You may find all those tips for new Djs a bit confusing, so I have compiled a step by step list of the simplest, yet most effective way to learn how to work the turntables.

1. Go into a Record Shop and By 2 identical Records. I Suggest A Paul Van Dyk or Yves Derutyer tune because their tunes have a solid stabby bass which is easy to differenciate.

2. Put the crossfader in the middle of the runner, so you can hear both decks, unplug your headphones and put them to one side.

3. Start up one record on deck a, then roll the other on deck b with your fingers to the beat of the other.

4. Now let go and try to keep them in time. If B goes too fast, lightly touch the platter with your finger, if too slow, twist the center pin forward.

5. Once this is mastered, try doing the same thing but with the crossfader over to deck A and Deck B in your headphones, try to get a flawless mix.

Practice this exercise until you can consistently match the beats of the songs. When you think you're gotten it, bring in a different song with the same BPM and try to fade from the first to the second song, keeping the beats perfectly matched.

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This article is not to miss. A complete answer to remixing, including techniques and proper sample acquisition. Only on InternetDJ.

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